PureSYN Motor Oils are ultra-premium synthetic engine oils designed to provide superior performance in both passenger cars and light trucks. PureSYN Motor Oil meets and exceeds new car warranty requirements as defined by ILSAC GF-5 (Resource Conserving) standards, the API performance classification SN, and GM dexos1.


Synthetic Motor Oils

We recommend PureSYN Motor Oils for use in high-performance, turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally aspirated gasoline engine oils in passenger cars, light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. PureSYN Motor Oils meet or exceed the performance requirements of virtually all vehicles operating in North America, including: Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Chrysler, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and more. Our PureSYN Motor Oils are API/ILSAC approved and are supported by a full product warranty.

Benefits to the Operator

– Increased margin opportunity for synthetic oil change
– Reduced COGS compared to major brands
– Dexos1 licensed product

Benefits to the Consumer

– Extends engine life – superior wear protection versus conventional oils
– Superior protection and fast start up in extreme weather conditions
– Maximize engine performance – PureSYN Motor Oils reduce friction, deposits and help engines run cleaner

Passenger Car Motor Oils
PureSYN 10W30
PureSYN 5W30 dexos1
PureSYN 5W20
PureSYN 0W20 dexos1
PureSYN 5W40 Euro
Transmission Fluids
PureSYN Universal ATF
PureSYN Trans 50
Heavy Duty Oils
PureSYN HD 15W40
PureSYN HD 5W40
Gear Oils
PureSYN 75W90 LS
PureSYN 75W140 LS
PureSYN 80W140