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Quick lubes face challenges, we deliver solutions

At North American Lubricants, getting your business is just the start. We partner with our customers to look for creative ways to increase your profits. Born out of the quick lube industry, NAL was created by quick lube operators for quick lube operators. Customers trust you to install quality products which meet their engine’s warranty requirements and offer peak performance. Today’s modern passenger car oils that meet current API/ILSAC specifications will perform at optimal levels in your customer’s engines. Passenger car manufacturers (OEM’s) only specify performance levels in their owners manuals instead of specific oil brands for this very reason.


Heavy-Duty Commercial & Industrial

The performance and profits you deserve

Lubricants have a significant impact on your business operations. North American Lubricants’ PURAMAX lineup provides you with the right products to reduce operating costs and maximize your profitability. Our API CK-4 oils are specifically designed to meet the demands of EGR and SCR technology. PureSYN HD 15W40 is a 100% synthetic engine oil which exceeds industry performance specifications and provides the ultimate protection under severe operating and weather conditions. GEO Plus is recommended for bus, truck and fleets powered by CNG or LNG. For those looking for a green alternative, NAL’s earth-friendly PureGreen products utilize re-refined base stocks.

Environmentally Friendly

Delivering tangible environmental benefits

NAL also offers the option of eco-friendly lubricants with our PureGreen line. Re-refining used oil into a high-quality lubricant creates a “cradle-to-cradle” closed-loop system, allowing valuable petroleum resources to be used over and over again, delivering you and your customers’ tangible environmental benefits. Not only do our PureGreen Oils help conserve a valuable resource, they can help drive business to your facility. Whether it’s attracting fleet and municipality customers, or helping you differentiate your business from your competition, PureGreen products deliver! Our PureGreen automotive and heavy duty lubricants meet new car warranty requirements and OEM specifications as defined by the API and ILSAC.

Food Grade

Quality controlled and tested

North American Lubricants’ Guardsman Food Grade Lubricants satisfy both purity and quality standards to make sure that your business is running efficiently and safely. These products are blended and packaged in a “dust-free” clean room specifically designed to meet the cleanliness standards for H-1 food grade lubricants, technical and USP white oils. In the food processing industry, details are essential, which is why finished products are quality controlled and tested ensuring maximum protection and product integrity and purity.

The brand you choose determines your profitability. Choose North American Lubricants.

The brand you choose determines your profitability. Choose North American Lubricants.

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