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Get up to pace with an intro to sales. Learn how to plan, develop relationships, be competitive in the marketplace, and get comfortable with the sales process.



Price is a crucial factor in any sales job, learn how to use it to your advantage. Provide more than a just a lower price.

Lesson 2: Establishing High Level Relationships

Forming solid professional relationships with customers makes your life easier. Wouldn’t you rather do business with friend than a stranger?

Lesson 3: The Power Of Planning

Not having a plan is planning to fail. When you create a sales plan you are better able to control the path of the conversation and guide the customer to purchase.

Lesson 4: Overcoming The Status Quo

Do more than your competitors are doing. Differentiate yourself and use experience to put your customers at ease. 

Lesson 5: Sales Process

Track the progress of your customer conversations, are you getting closer to a close? Understand how to move customers along your pipeline.

Lesson 6: B2B vs B2C

In this lesson we will analyze key difference in the sales process between Business to Business and Business to Consumer sales .

Lesson 7: Becoming a Salesman

It’s easier than you think! Combine all of your knowledge and resources from NAL to examine what it means to be a salesman and how to be an effective one.

Quiz: Sales 101

Put your knowledge and comprehension to the test with our Sales 101 Quiz.


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