The cold, hard truth is that even for the most experienced driver, driving in winter weather is a challenge. With 70% of U.S. roads located in snowy regions, it can be a treacherous time. It’s easy to forget after months of mild conditions that driving habits and vehicle maintenance need to change. That is why we put together a list of tips and tricks for you to pass along to our customers.


Keep a kit of emergency supplies the car.

Supplies might include:

  • A portable jump starter and power source to start your own car without the help of another.
  • A flashlight or spotlight
  • Emergency flares
  • A first-aid kit
  • A tire inflator and sealer
  • Bottled-water and snacks
  • Blankets
  • A car charger for your phone
  • An ice scraper and snow brush
  • An extra pair of gloves, a scarf, and a hat
  • A bottle of windshield washer De-Icer fluid


Clean the windshields right away.

If your customer parks their vehicle outside in the ice and snow, offer these steps for quick and easy clearing before driving:

  • Start the vehicle and turn on the front and rear defrosters.
  • Clear the snow off the entire vehicle, including headlights, taillights, hood, trunk and the top of the car. Use an aerosol spray De-Icer to speed up the process of melting ice. Be sure to score the surface of the ice first before spraying to improve the De-Icer’s penetration into the ice.


Get an oil change. 

During the winter months, it is important that your customers think about having the correct type of oil. Running a vehicle on a low viscosity oil is important because if the engine’s oil is too thick, it will be difficult to turn the engine over in cold weather. NAL’s PURATECH and PURESYN product lines combine state-of-the-art additive technology with high-quality base oils to provide outstanding engine protection under temperature extremes. Discover what products are best for your customer’s car here.


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