Corrosion is the enemy of any cooling system. Between corrosion and cavitation, engines are robbed of performance and cause premature failure. Enter Prestone Cor-Guard. Prestone Cor-Guard, a product line containing Cor-Guardinhibitors, a revolutionary technology that is a result of seven years of research and development at the renowned Prestone Innovation Center. Cor-Guardinhibitors prevent corrosion from forming on your water pump and radiator and are an improvement upon existing antifreeze/coolant technology.

Vehicles depend on antifreeze/coolant to run. The proper concentration of antifreeze/coolant allows your car to run optimally. Cor-Guardinhibitors help prevent your cooling system from freeze-up or boiling-over with a patented formulation that keeps engines running at an optimal temperature, reducing the risk of breakdowns and helping your engine run efficiently.

The useful life of any coolant is largely determined by the makeup of the inhibitor package and the depletion rates of the coolant’s inhibitors. The stable nature of the Cor-Guardinhibitors’ technology enables the antifreeze/coolant to provide corrosion protection without a dramatic drop in the inhibitor concentration. For examples, look to Prestone’s white papers below:

External Police Fleet Tests

Internal Ford Fusion Fleet Test


Prestone products using Cor-Guardtechnology:


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