Field training

North American Lubricants is dedicated to creating a partnership with our customers by providing new ways to understand the challenges and opportunities that the industry faces. Whether it is sharing product training, best practices, or marketplace trends, we are focused on delivering profitable solutions, such as this one:

Did you know that Status Quo is your number one competitor?

People buy products and services because of their wants and needs. People want or need, a product or service because of its fundamental value to them. The easiest thing for them is to keep doing what they are doing or Status Quo!

A key principle in selling is that unless your customer has a strongly felt need or a want, you don’t have the opportunity for a sale.

Needs and wants that result in sales are almost always connected to strong customer emotions and are driven by a single purpose – WIIFM: “What’s In It for Me?”

How do you find the prospects WIIFM? You ask open-ended questions to learn more about what, how and why the prospect does what they do. The more you know about the prospect, the better chance you have to earn their trust that will lead to a partnership.

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