Need Gear Oil?

NAL has the gear oil you need in stock and ready to ship. Whether its automotive, heavy duty or industrial gear oils, NAL has you covered.

As with every industry plagued with supply chain issues, the lubricants world with base oils, additives, and even tubes to package grease are all hot commodities. These shortages have been compounded by a number of factors in the transportation industry, with a shortage of trucks, drivers and parts to keep them on the road being just a few.

North American Lubricants, however, is uniquely positioned with an inventory at our new distribution center with many of the industrial, commercial and automotive gear oils, greases and lubricant products that you are searching for. With gear oil scarcities being seen across the industry, NAL’s lines of PURATECH, PURESYN, and PURAMAX gear oils are readily available. Without compromising quality NAL is happy to offer these premium products without the premium price tag. Our professionals will help you find the right products for your needs and application you’re looking for and how we can get them to you as soon as you need them. During a time in which products are scare and lead times are long we hope that NAL can be your supplier of choice to keep your business running smoothly.

North American Lubricants isn’t immune to increased lead times and the shortage of truck drivers, but our dedicated and unparalleled customer service staff is willing to help work with you during these unsure times. North American Lubricants, your dependable alternative to the majors!


Need Grease Tubes?

Grease shortages have affected everyone, but NAL’s line of CITADEL greases are here to stay.

As most know by now, one of the nation’s largest lubricating grease plants was destroyed by fire and with it almost 40% of the country’s grease production. Since then, all the majors have been scrambling to find manufacturers to make their grease, but there are very few options as most are at full capacity trying to keep up with demand. On top of that, you can add the huge increases and shortages of moly and lithium, with the latter being used more and more for EV batteries. These shortages, in addition to a number of factors in the transportation industry, has caused grease products to become scarce.

However, North American Lubricants’ unique position has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve. With grease in short supply and tubes even more difficult to find, NAL’s CITADEL greases are readily available, even in tubes. You will not find a better premium product no matter what the price. Most grease products are in stock and can be shipped the next day, our team of knowledgeable pros will help find the right products for your application.

Through uncertainty, scarcity, and lengthening lead times NAL is here to help. NAL’s line of CITADEL premium greases are as strong as our commitment to our customers. Contact us today to see how we can help your business find the products it needs.










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