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Shortages of grease tubes have continued with the market still working to catch up from a combination of raw material shortages, high demand and an inability to increase production. With price increases on lithium thickeners and moly additives, the grease market has taken some serious blows. All of this considered, the demand for grease continues to grow. As many industries adopt automation in their plants, the need for grease to keep them running smoothly drives demand even further. Manufacturers are struggling to fulfil orders and major suppliers are scratching their heads on how to get in front of the issues plaguing their bottom lines.

North American Lubricants, however, has used these industry shortages to prove that we are a reliable resource for our customers, tracking industry trends to give our customers every advantage in the marketplace. With grease and grease tubes in short supply NAL’s CITADEL greases are readily available, even in tubes. Our professionals will help you find the right products for your needs and application. We will work with you to get products to you as soon as you need them, decreasing downtime and keeping your business rolling.



Grease Prices on the Rise

Lithium-based greases are suffering price increases.

The price of lithium suffered a steep price increase at the beginning of 2021 and has been tumultuous since. Lithium complex and conventional lithium greases make up around 60% of the demand for grease products in the US market. In addition to the heavy use of lithium in the grease industry, there is another large consumer of lithium that has been on the rise, EVs and lithium-ion batteries. As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise and companies create new EVs to meet demand, the supply of lithium available for the grease industry begins to shrink. New government mandates will only add to this demand.

Our CITADEL Ultra EP Grease uses a calcium sulfonate thickener with inherent rust protection and extreme pressure properties superior to lithium thickeners. North American Lubricants takes pride in developing the highest quality, best performing lubricants, greases, and oils for any application. NAL’s line of CITADEL premium greases are as strong as our commitment to our customers; you will not find a better premium product, no matter the price. Most grease products are in stock and can be shipped next day; our team of knowledgeable pros will help you find the right products for your application.




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