The unique design of NAL’s Bag in a Box provides maximum product in minimal space.

North American Lubricants’ bag-in-box is the space saving solution that pays for itself time and time again. Rather than handle unwieldy jugs, pails, and drums to perform a routine oil change, use the NAL bag-in-box to streamline your process. This alternative packaging opens up marketing opportunities to display the premium products you use, and diminishes your environmental footprint. The bag-in-box is fully recyclable and easier to fully empty than traditional rigid plastic containers or drums.

The bag-in-box’s slim design fits all standard racks and saves on valuable floor space in the shop. The rack itself has a footprint of a 55 gallon drum, but with 6 different products, it’s perfect for the variety of fluids in use today. The dripless spout is easy to turn on and off, allowing for less mess, more precise measurements, and thorough emptying. All of the bag-in-box features are designed with you in mind, to give you the most efficient use of time and space, and increase your bottom line.

North American Lubricants may not be the first to use this type of packaging, but we are the first to perfect it.


Prestone offers the best protection and performance to keep your vehicles on the road longer


Preparing your vehicle for any road conditions is imperative for its longevity. The best prep work that you can do is from the inside, ensuring that your vehicle is running on premium products will guarantee its ability to perform for years to come. NAL and Prestone recently held an HD Antifreeze+Coolant Technical Training webinar designed to educate attendees on how to properly care for their cooling systems. This webinar was open to everyone, from owners and fleet managers to customers looking to better care for their vehicles. If you were able to join us then we would love to hear your feedback, and if not, we hope you’ll join us next time.

Prestone has been a leading name in the antifreeze and coolant industry for over 90 years. The reason that they’ve been able to withstand the test of time is because of their premium products and cutting edge technology. We are happy to offer Prestone products to ensure your vehicle has the very best to keep it performing at its very best.

Compared to other coolants and antifreeze the difference is clear, Prestone keeps your engine running cleaner and smoother than ever before. While other coolants and antifreezes on the market can cause a buildup of sludge, corrosion, and pitting on sensitive parts of your engine, Prestone ensures those delicate components stay clean and damage free.

Prestone also offers a one solution coolant for use in all vehicles in a mixed fleet covering both Heavy Duty and Automotive applications. Talk about a game changer, no more confusion over color and what goes where, just one coolant that covers everything. Remember, if your coolant sales are not at least 25% of your lube sales, you are missing revenue opportunities. Call us today and learn more on how NAL and Prestone can increase your bottom line.

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