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Grease plays a vital role in the proper lubrication of industrial machinery, serving as the lifeblood that keeps gears, bearings, and other critical components functioning properly. We will delve into the fundamentals of  greases, exploring their composition, properties, and formulation.


Lesson 1: What is Grease?

In this lesson we will learn what grease is, why we lubricate with it, and the appropriate times to use grease.

Lesson 2: Function and Composition

Understanding the function of grease and what it’s composed of will help you have a better understanding of what you’re selling.

Lesson 3: Base Oils & Viscosity

Base oil is a vital component of grease and is directly correlated to the grease’s viscosity. 

Lesson 4: Thickener Types

Learn about the different thickeners and how they affect the formulation of different greases.

Lesson 5: Important Grease Properties

What are the most important properties that make grease unique. How are greases organized?

Quiz: Grease Quiz

Test your knowledge and comprehension about greases.

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