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In the competitive landscape of lubricant sales, mastering effective techniques and methods is crucial for success. This course is designed to equip sales professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the lubricant market. We will explore a range of topics, including understanding customer needs, strategic selling approaches, and building strong customer relationships.


Lesson 1: Selling Strategy

Learn how to create and implement a buttoned up strategy for approaching and selling to customers.

Lesson 2: Creating A Pre-Call Checklist

Throughout this lesson you will learn the importance of creating a pre-call checklist and how to communicate your objectives effectively. 

Lesson 3: Calling Methods and Tactics

Tips and methods on how to ace your next sales call.

Lesson 4: Best Practices

Learn what the best practices to keep a customer engaged and to stay in control of the conversation are.

Lesson 5: Closing The Sale

Closing a sale determines your effectiveness as a salesperson. Deep dive into different closing strategies and how to apply them.

Quiz: Sales Quiz

Put your sales knowledge to the test with our Selling Techniques and Methods Quiz.

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