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North American Lubricants is unique and we like to keep it that way! Throughout this course you will learn what makes NAL different and how we use those differences to our advantage.


Lesson 1: The NAL Difference

What does North American Lubricants do to differentiate itself in the market. What values do we pride ourselves on?

Lesson 2: Lubricant Sales

You’ve learned about selling, but you haven’t learned how we do it. Master NAL’s strategies for lubricant sales.

Lesson 3: Lubricant Markets

Learn about the different lubricant markets and opportunities. Different markets may have different selling strategies.

Lesson 4: Case Studies

Review what your peers have have done to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Use these experiences to level up your sales game.

Lesson 5: CRM Overview

Customer relation management is a crucial tool for salespeople in any industry. Discover how to use NAL’s CRM software effectively. 

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