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North American Lubricants is proud to partner with Prestone for all our Antifreeze and Coolant needs. Prestone is the number one branded antifreeze/coolant in North America and has always been the industry leader in innovation and continues to set the standard over 90 years later. With increasingly complex modern automobiles, Prestone is committed to engineering the right product for every need, offering products for individual vehicle specifications or a single product solution for an entire fleet.

  • Prestone produces the majority of the OEM factory fill coolants in the market
  • Leading edge technology, training & support
  • Best in class quality
  • All products made from 100% virgin glycol
  • The #1 choice of consumers


One of Prestone’s chief advantages in the marketplace stems from its research and development. They are continuously innovating to deliver superior automotive fluids and solutions. Their extensive network of partnerships and collaborators with leading automotive manufacturers and industry experts empowers them to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By integrating the latest research and insights into its product development process, Prestone consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that outperform competitors.

Prestone products undergo rigorous testing to ensure peak performance in various conditions, proving longevity and durability while giving consumers confidence in their vehicle’s maintenance. With formulations engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, Prestone ensures that vehicles stay protected and perform optimally for extended periods. Their comprehensive product range caters to diverse consumer needs across various vehicle types and applications. Whether it’s antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, or windshield washer fluid, Prestone offers a complete suite of high-quality solutions, ensuring that customers can find the perfect match for their application.


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