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Trip Qualifications – To book a business trip, confirmed appointments must be set up in the designated region. Business trips for “cold-calling” purposes are prohibited. A full itinerary of your trip must be submitted to your manager the Thursday before the trip begins.

Air Fare – To ensure best rates, all air fare must be booked a minimum of two weeks before departure date and shopped online. First-class travel is not permitted.

Rental Car – Acceptable car classes for rental are compact, standard or mid-size. Rental rates must also be shopped online and booked two weeks before departure date.

Hotel – It is recommended to secure hotel reservations prior to departure to ensure availability. The maximum acceptable room rate is $135.00 per night (unless pre-approved via email).  Average rates are less in many areas and booked hotels should not exceed the median rate for the region.

Meals – Business meals are acceptable when meeting with prospects, customers or vendors. Any business meal that exceeds $125 must be pre-approved. “Employee only” meals are permitted while on an out of town business trip and should be kept to a minimum, as there is a per diem of $35, which can be used on your company credit card.

Entertainment – Entertainment expenses are acceptable when accompanying prospects, customers or vendors. These expenses must have pre-approval from your manager before an invitation is extended.

Guests – Guests are not permitted to accompany employees on business trips, unless pre-approved via email. If a guest is approved, any guest expenses for the trip are the responsibility of the employee, unless authorized.

*It is the responsibility of the employee to secure the best rates on all travel expenses*


This is an example itinerary that includes all of the pertinent details of the trip, along with details regarding the meetings that have been established.

A blank version of this form can be found in ZOHO WorkDrive:

WorkDrive > NAL Documents > Forms > Travel Itinerary Template

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