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Overcoming The Status Quo
  • Upselling, something to be said for “Just Showing Up”
    • 1/3 of completing a sale is just showing up
    • Many modern distributors and suppliers have said that they no longer have sales reps visit them. At NAL we make sure to take the time to show up for our customers, partners and suppliers. Cultivating a connection between companies starts by forming relationships with the people within them.
    • More touch-points and channels of communication mean a better and more communicative relationship.
  • Competitive Landscape
    • The landscape is changing fast and often. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes in the industry without your head spinning, but it’s important to stay up to date with industry moves so that we don’t get left behind.
      • Consistently check industry newsletters and blogs
      • Keep track of competitor trends and marketing
    • Consider that competitors may not be showing up as often (If ever!) to check in on their customers, partners and suppliers.
      • This is a UVP (unique value proposition) of NAL, we visit customers with relative frequency.
    • People may be so busy or behind that they don’t return your phone call. Don’t get discouraged! While a face to face or phone conversation is best, there are other ways to get in contact with your customers
      • email, LinkedIn, text, company contact page, etc.
  • People Talk in Stories and how to use them
    • If you’ve ever helped a customer you’ve got a story. Talking in stories allows you to show potential customers how you’ve solved problems in the past and how you may solve them in the future.
    • When you’ve already dealt with an issue once it can be helpful to look back at what you did and prove to the customer that we’ve solved this type of issue before and it won’t create a lasting problem.
    • This also helps put people at ease by showcasing that we have the experience and tact to deal with any type of issue.
  • The Power of The “Next Step”
    • It is exceptionally important to plan your Next Step when working through the sales process.
    • Set a clear call to action for your customer, including the date and time.
      • If you want to learn more let’s set up a meeting at… 
      • I’d like to come visit your facility and sit down about your product needs, does …. work?
      • I would like to talk to you about our pricing, are you available….
    • It’s important to do this not only with customers but with yourself as well.
      • Set times for yourself to prospect a specific region or call back a customer.
      • By setting time frames and planning out your next steps you are able to better track your conversion of leads to opportunities to sales.