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Welcome to NA Lube School, an online lubricant training course designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of lubricants. Whether you’re new to the field or seeking to deepen your expertise, this comprehensive course will equip you with valuable insights into the world of lubrication.


Lesson 1: What are Lubricants?

In this foundational lesson, you will explore the fundamentals of lubricants. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what lubricants are, their purpose, and how they function to reduce friction and protect machinery.

Lesson 2: Formulation & Composition

Explore the formulation and composition of lubricants in this lesson. We’ll examine the key ingredients, base oils, additives, and their roles in enhancing lubricant performance, extending equipment life, and minimizing wear and tear.

Lesson 3: Different Types of Lube

Dive into the diverse world of lubricants to explore the various types available. From oils to greases, we’ll discuss the characteristics, applications, and benefits of each type.

Lesson 4: Synthetic vs. Non-Synthetic

Uncover the differences between synthetic and non-synthetic lubricants in this lesson. 

Lesson 5: Passenger Car Motor Oil

Shift gears to focus on passenger car motor oil. Understand the specific needs of automotive engines, including factors like fuel efficiency, emission standards, and engine protection.

Lesson 6: Heavy Duty Motor Oil

Delve into heavy-duty motor oils. Learn about their unique properties, viscosity grades, and applications in heavy-duty machinery and vehicles

Lesson 7: Commercial and Industrial

Learn about the commercial and industrial applications for lubricants. Analyze the differences in formulation and necessary additives, and learn what’s required to properly service the needs of more demanding applications.

Lesson 8: Food Grade 

Hungry to learn more? Explore the applications and formulation of food grade lubricants, including Halal, Pareve and Kosher applications.

Lube Quiz:

Put your newfound knowledge to the test with our Lube Quiz. This assessment will help to reinforce the concepts covered in the course.

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