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PURAMAX is our Heavy-Duty Commercial and Industrial line of products, designed to withstand severe operating conditions and an onslaught of harmful contaminants. Our API CK-4 oils are specifically designed to meet the demands of EGR and SCR technology. GEO Plus is recommended for bus, truck and fleets powered by CNG or LNG.

PURAMAX Products provide:
  • Superior wear protection and soot control
  • Resistance to viscosity and high-temp thermal breakdown
  • Highest established level of fuel economy
  • Excellent low-temp performance
  • Increase engine life


The PURAMAX product lineup includes:


  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 15W40
  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 15W50
  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 10W30
  • PURAMAX Fleet 10, 30, 40, 50
  • PURAMAX Gas Engine Oil LA 15W40
  • PURAMAX Railroad Engine Oil



  • PURAMAX Concrete Form Oil
  • PURAMAX Heat Transfer Oils
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic AW 32, 46, 68, 100
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic GMS AW LS2
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic Zinc Free AW 32
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic Zinc Free AW 46
  • PURAMAX LeakGuard Hydraulic AW Oils
  • PURAMAX Premium 5000+ AW 32, 46, 68, 100
  • PURAMAX Premium Silicone Free AW
  • PURAMAX Rockdrill
  • PURAMAX TO-4 Fluid
  • PURAMAX Turbine Oil Extended Life
  • PURAMAX Turbine R&O
  • PURAMAX Universal Tractor Fluid



  • PURAMAX Good Gear 85W140
  • PURAMAX Industrial EP Gear Oil