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PURAMAX is our Heavy-Duty Commercial and Industrial line of products, designed to withstand severe operating conditions and an onslaught of harmful contaminants. Our API CK-4 oils are specifically designed to meet the demands of EGR and SCR technology. Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEO) are recommended for bus, truck and fleets powered by CNG or LNG.

PURAMAX Products provide:
  • Superior wear protection and soot control
  • Resistance to viscosity and high-temp thermal breakdown
  • Highest established level of fuel economy
  • Excellent low-temp performance
  • Increase engine life



  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 15W-40
  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 15W-50
  • PURAMAX CleanFleet 10W-30
  • PURAMAX Fleet 10, 30, 40, 50
  • PURAMAX Gas Engine Oil LA 15W-40
  • PURAMAX Railroad Engine Oil



  • PURAMAX Concrete Form Oil
  • PURAMAX Heat Transfer Oils
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic AW 32, 46, 68, 100
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic GMS AW LS2
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic Zinc Free AW 32
  • PURAMAX Hydraulic Zinc Free AW 46
  • PURAMAX LeakGuard Hydraulic AW Oils
  • PURAMAX Premium 5000+ AW 32, 46, 68, 100
  • PURAMAX Premium Silicone Free AW
  • PURAMAX Rockdrill
  • PURAMAX TO-4 Fluid
  • PURAMAX Turbine Oil Extended Life
  • PURAMAX Turbine R&O
  • PURAMAX Universal Tractor Fluid



  • PURAMAX Good Gear 85W-140
  • PURAMAX Industrial EP Gear Oil



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