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B2B – Business to Business

The path to purchase is different depending on the type of sales a company does. When operating a B2B strategy the main targets are other businesses. To successfully sell to them you must: identify a problem/need, conduct research and explore multiple solutions and create a list of requirements from the purchasing company. This seems straight forward, but you must remember there may be multiple decision makers within a company that need convincing. They’ll want hard datapoints to reference like: price, efficiency and ROI. Keeping multiple decision makers within a company engaged can be difficult, but cultivating these relationships help to build trust.

B2C – Business to Consumer

When operating a B2C strategy you target the end user of your product or service and tailor your sales/marketing strategy to align with their interests, wants and needs. In some B2C strategies you’re able to form an emotional connection with your customer and promote an exciting or memorable experience to keep them coming back or to spread the word. Social media is one of the most popular B2C engagement strategies.

  • Social Media marketing is exactly what it sounds like, marketing done through social media.
    • Having company accounts and consistently posting on multiple platforms helps boost company SEO (search engine optimization), draw traffic, boost our reputation and allow a company to directly interact with its customers or supporters.

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